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Stylophorum dephyllum

Information courtesy of Magna Vista High School students

  • Stylophorum dephyllum is commomly known as wood poppy, yellow poppy and celandine poppy.

  • The flower is in is the papaveraceae family which also includes blood  root. 

  • It was introduced in Eurasia  in May of 1887.

  • The states that the flower is found in are Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri and Arkansas. It is mainly found in North Eastern part of North America. 

  • It blooms from April to May but stays dormant for the rest of the year

  • This plant was used to treat insomnia, upper respiratory infections, and a variety of other medical issues.

  • The wood poppy was used in many Greek mythologies and stories.

Wood Poppy

Wood Poppy

Woody poppy

Wood Poppy

Wood Poppy

Wood Poppy

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