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Pycnanthemum muticum

Information courtesy of Magna Vista High School students




The Pycnanthemum muticum, commony called mountain mint, is a tall flowering perennial herb that blooms between July and September. This plant features dark green leaves that have a strong mint-like smell when crushed. 


Mountain mint is propagated by seed or division. It is native to Eastern North America, where it typically grows in grassy open places, meadows, fields, and low woodland areas. The mountain mint was assessed as endangered when the endangered species act first took effect. 


Mountain Mint attracts many insects to its flowers, including various bees, wasps, flies, small butterflies, and beetles. Tea made from its dries leaves has been used in alternative medicine in the treatment of menstrual disorders, indigestion, mouth sores, and gum disease. 

More plants in the family Lamiaceae include bee balm and catnip. 

It is called Mountain mint because it belongs to the mint family and found mostly in mountain areas. The word Pycanthemum means "densely flowered" and the word muticum means "blunt."



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