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Phlox subulata

Information courtesy of Magna Vista High School students




The scientific name of the phlox moss is Phlox subulata. The common names include creeping phlox, moss phlox, moss pink, and mountain phlox. Phlox moss belongs to the Polemoniaceae family. Other plants in this family include' Scarlet Gilia, Langloisia and Phlox divaricata.

The flower helps provide oxygen for humans and animals, and also provides nectar for the honeybee.

The phlox moss pink is a very common plant in North Carolina and Virginia.

The plant was cited by a man named John Bartram when he wrote to Peter Collison in 1945, a time when the plant became one of the first low-growing species to enter Great Brittain.

These flowers will produce a fragrance.


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