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Lupinus perennis L.

Information courtesy of Magna Vista High School students

Scientific name: Lupinus perennis L.

Translation: Lupinus= wolf and perennis= perennial

Original namer: Carolus Linnaeus


Name: Sundial lupine

Name: wide lupine

Origin: North America

Plant Family

Pea Family

Members of the Pea Family



This plant is native to the Eastern North America, and Illinois.


Pollinators and Insects Associated

Honey bees


Digger bees

Mason bees


Native Americans drink cold leaf tea to treat nausea, failure to urinate and internal hemorrhage.

Status of the Plant

Individual plants can be short-lived or long-lived, depending on the environment

Uncommon native wildflower, as its population is starting to decline.

FUN FACT Can be made into a food dish and is served in Mediterranean countries like Portugal, Egypt, and Italy. Lupine seeds are good for amino acids. If you're allergic to peanuts I do not recommend it.







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