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Juglans Nigra

Information courtesy of Magna Vista High School students






Juglans Nigra, also known as the black walnut, translates exactly to the acorn of jupiter. Its Original namer was Abe Roan. The black walnut is native and very common to Eastern North America. Its range is from southern Ontario to southeast South Dakota, to Georgia and Florida, all the way to northern Texas. 


The black walnut tree's lifespan is between 150 to 250 years. It can grow up to 70 to 80 feet is 2 to 4 feet across and has brown to nearly black marks. Honey bees pollinate black walnut. Black walnut provides food for squirrels and other rodents.  


Black walnut's medical uses are for treating parasitic worm infections, such as ringworm and yeast infection.  It is also featured in many works of literature like the "The Black Walnut" by Mary Oliver.


Black Walnut:

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