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Information courtesy of Magna Vista High School students


The flower's colors range from strong to subtle shades of violet, blue, pink, magenta, and white.

Also many have attractive veining in a strong contrasting color.

This plant grows in Eastern and Central United States. 

The plant turns red when the autumn comes, and blooms in May.

The flowers are generally quite small, but produced in abundance to almost cover the plants when in full bloom.

The majority of geraniums are low-growing, from 3 inches tall to about 2 feet tall.

The plant has many pollinators; the most common are birds and bees.

We could lose many insects, birds, and bugs if this plant is removed.


Medical: helps diarrhea, sore throats, and irritation.

Niche: provides deer and rabbit food  

Interesting information: Good for essential oils, helps with excessive bleeding, and can be used for dye.

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