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Campsis radicans

Information courtesy of Magna Vista High School students


Scientific Name: Campsis radicans

Family: Bignoniaceae

Common Name: Trumpet Creeper

Original Namer: Unknown

Two Family Members: African Tulip Tree, Sausage Tree

Even though the trumpet creeper is a vine, its family also consists of trees. Two members are the African Tulip Tree, and the Sausage Tree.

It is native to the Eastern United States.


The Trumpet "Vine" is a "vine" that grows on canopy trees.

Fun Facts: Another name for this plant is Japanese Honeysuckle, even though this plant isn't a honeysuckle. The Trumpet Creeper can grow to 98 feet. Some people even think that it is an invasive plant, but it can actually be easily controlled.


This plant can be found along the Eastern coast of the United States.

Medical Uses: This plant while flowering, can be harvested and dried in something like a paper bag. The dried plant makes an excellent douche to get rid of candida infections, and hemophilus infections.


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