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Athyrium Angustum Forma Rubellum

Information is courtesy of Magna Vista High School students.

Scientific Name: Athyrium Angustum Forma Rubellum.

Original Namer: John Lynch in 1757

Common names:Lady Fern and Lady In Red

Plant family: Anthracene, some members are Cystoperis, Diplazium, and Athyrium.

American pioneers soaked the starchy rootstocks in water and wood ashes for 24 hours and cooked the young leaves like potherbs.


Lady fern is a native perennial upright fern: its status is common.


The Lady Fern is a large fern. This plant grows back every year unless it is disturbed. The plant is green with many little leaves. It can grow back larger or smaller than the proceeding year it just depends on what occurs during the process of growing. 


Insects that feed on the Lady Fern include the Aphid, Macrosiphum Lambi, and larvae.

This plant's niche is food and a home for some insects.

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