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Aruncus Dioicus

Information is courtesy of Magna Vista High

School students.





Aruncus dioicus is also known as "goat's beard," buck's beard, or bride's feathers. It is part of is the Rosaceae family.

The plant provides food for animals and humans. 

Goat’s beard was used in dishes before and during the time it was brought to America.

Unique properties or interesting connections are actually none.

It is common in Missouri and other parts of the United States.

It is a simple plant with cuneate leaves with an entire margin and parallel veins.


The pollinators consist of: bees, flies, beetles, and a number of others


Medicine and Cure:

"Goat's Beard is a tea that is made from its roots. It is  used to allay bleeding after childbirth. It is also  used to reduce profuse urination, and it is used to treat stomach pains, fevers, diarrhea,and internal bleeding. Also it is used to bathe swollen feet and rheumatic joints. It is made from the root ashes and rubbed onto sores.'s-beard.php

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