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Aquilegia Canadensis

Information is courtesy of Magna Vista High School students.

Scientific Name: Aquilegia Canadensis 


Common Name: Eastern Red Columbine 


Translation: Latin "aquilnum" meaning "eagle-like" or "water collector", referring either to the talon-like shape of the flower or its tendacy to collect water on its petals 


Original Namer: Carl Linnaeus  


Origin of Plant: Native.

Plant Family: Ranunculaceae


Two Common Members of the Plant's Family: 

  • anemone (genus Anemone)

  • buttercup (genus Ranunculus)


Its leaves are lobed and grouped in threes, growing from the base and off the flowering stems. Flowers are 1-2 inches long and have yellow petals with red spur and red sepals. You would be able to find these plants around rocky woods, slopes,ledges and open areas. They appear in late spring, nodding on stems above the leaves. The round end of the spur contains nectar which attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.

These plants provide a food source and they attract pollinators. Also, they adapt to wide variety of their conditions.It has been said that their seeds have been used to treat ailments such as headach, sore throat, stomatitis, heart problems, and skin rash.


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