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Actaea Racemosa

Information is courtesy of Magna Vista High School students






Actaea racemosa

Actaea racemosa has a number of common names including American Baneberry,, Bugbane, Rattleroot, and Black Cohosh.

The Fairy Candle, tends to bloom from late spring  to summer. Its flower will be a white or near white. It needs moist soil and full shade. Its pollinators tend to be butterflies.

This plant has medical uses, such as treating the symptoms of menopause and depression. The only caution is that it should not be taken if pregnant. It can also be used to help treat insect bites. Many Native Americans used black cohosh for a variety of ailments including rheumatism, malaria, sore throat, and complications associated with childbirth.

Family: Ranunculaceae

Status: Endangered in Illinois and Massachusetts

Native: Native to eastern North America, Including Virginia

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